Venom Recordings

Venom-Recordings was a high-end sound trance/progressive label. Its founder and main producer, Andreas Schmidt – alias Ace Da Brain or Ace’s Delight, etc. – is well known in the trance-scene for producing acts like Pervading Call, Sonic Inc., Airfire, Marc`n Ace, Baced or Marc La Cruz to name only a few! Only the best melodies, breaks, baselines and atmospheres were released here to show that producing trance itself can be a form of higher art!

In 2007 Venom-Recordings stopped releasing and is since then in a frozen status. Rumours say it might be reopened again but until then you should enjoy the demos here or buy a copy in the shop.

Venom – are you already infected? Click on the links and check out the releases:

VENOM001 George Acosta – The Reaper
VENOM002 Marc La Cruz & Ace Da Brain – Eriel
VENOM003 Ace’s Delight – Mental Theme
VENOM004 Ace Da Brain – Tales Of Dusk And Dawn
VENOM005 Baced! vs. Ace’s Delight – Witness
VENOM006 Ace Da Brain – Trinity
VENOM007 Ace Da Brain – Depths Of Doom
VENOM008 Airfire Feat. Talla 2XLC – No Signs 2006
VENOM009 Baced! – Mistress Of Darkness