Con Tacto

Con Tacto (also known as Piratix) has long been active in Cologne’s electronic music scene. Being pirate captain of “Pirates of Cologne”, Con Tacto is responsible for eponymous events at numerous clubs in the greater Cologne area as well as the “Pirates of Cologne”-stage at renowned World Club Dome.

Apart from his work as a promoter for his own events, playing gigs and producing tracks Con Tacto also runs his own You Tube-Channel “Lost Place Techno” presenting his music at various forgotten or hidden locations.

Con Tacto used to spend time in the studio every now and then together with his mate Nobots. As a team, these two fellas have released on labels such as “Fehler Musik”, “Oxytech” and “Plankton Repellent”. His solo-debut on Louder than Famous marks another milestone in the career of this talented artist.

In 2020 he teamed up with Andreas Schmidt alias Ace Da Brain , so be excited what projects will come in the future!

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